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Light, Bright but NOT White

Light Skin POC Refusing Whiteness

Light, Bright, but NOT White
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A community for light skinned ppl of color/ethnic minorities to discuss race, ethnicity & identity.
Please note: If you wish to join the community, you must email the moderator as specified below in "How to Join." If your request to join is not accompanied by an email, it will not be approved.

About the Community

light_not_white is intended as a place for light-skinned folks/light skins to talk about our unique paths as people who sometimes or often get mistaken for white. The intention behind the community is not to wring our hands about how difficult we have it, implying that we face identical issues as darker-skinned POC, but to discuss the issues we face with integrity and a firm eye on decolonizing our ideas of race and identity and remaining in solidarity with our darker-skinned brothers, sisters, and otherwise-gendered folks. This is a community for people of color and ethnic minorities who are often taken or read as white to deconstruct that experience, deal with light-skin privilege, and support one another we peel back the layers of identity. People of color who are light-skinned but don't pass for white are also wholeheartedly welcome to the discussion.

All people of color are explicitly and wholeheartedly welcome and invited to participate in any and all discussions. We as a community of people of color, regardless of actual skin shade, benefit from solidarity and relationship-building with each other in our fight to resist white supremacy.

Folks who do not identify as people of color but face comparable experiences of colonization, genocide, passing for white, cognitive dissonance regarding how people see you ethnically/racially and how you identify, and who are working to both acknowledge and actively fight the bleak vortex of whiteness that seeks to swallow us up are welcome as well. If you are not sure if you fit this description, feel free to contact the moderator at chreebomb AT gmail DOT com.

White allies will be considered for membership on a case-by-case basis, but if you do not identify as an ethnic minority, your membership request will likely be declined due to the intensely personal nature of the discussion and our efforts to maintain a "safer space" for our members.

Being light-skinned often means that we have directly and/or indirectly benefited from white privilege and/or light-skin privilege. Sometimes we're treated better than our darker brothers and sisters by white people and even by our families and communities, given opportunities and the benefit of the doubt unfairly. And because of these privileges, we can and do problematically internalize feelings of superiority, which can lead to us doing and saying fucked up things about race, about ourselves, and about people of color. This is not a place to post fucked up things and expect cosigners. Racist, homophobic, abilist, transphobic, sizeist, and misogynistic statements will be challenged. Discriminatory language will not be tolerated in this community. light_not_white is a place for learning, for continually deconstructing, and for building up new frameworks for thinking that actively resist patriarchal white supremacy. Specifically, this is not a community where we will hide behind the bias of the colorline and colorism or deny the existance of colorism among people of color and the white world.

How To Join

If you wish to join light_not_white, please email chreebomb AT gmail DOT com with the following information: lj username, community(ies) of color you are identified/affiliated with, and a sentence or two (or more if you like) about your interest in this community. New members are strongly encouraged to post an intro post; we want to get to know you!

Thank you/gracias! We hope you enjoy the community and participate often!

(Thank you to saskaia, who contributed the original wording of the community info!)
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