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I write in a blog called The Ruh of Brown Folks, together with neplus_ultra (who is also a member of this community) and cheshm_badoomi. The three of us are Middle Easterners who have grown up in diaspora, and I think a lot of what we write about is relevant to this community. In particular, I wanted to share a recent post I made about my upbringing and how I came to identify as Iranian, part of which was inspired by discussions that came up in this thread. I invite you to comment on it.

Diaspora sucks pt. II

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It's important to me, as a light-skinned poc, to ally myself with my darker sisters and support their actions to deconstruct and challenge colorism. I think we should get out the vote for Kiri Davis' excellent film about the impact of white beauty standards. Her film "A Girl Like Me" is a finalist for the CosmoGirl film contest: the winner gets $10,000. If you haven't seen the film, you can watch it at the site. I recommend it to all my friends. $10,000 can go a long way toward her college education--we need filmmakers with critical consciousness like hers in the business to challenge media representations and hopefully provide portrayals of our community that we can get behind with enthusiasm.

You can also read her director bio and more information about how she made the film.

(From triumphantmulatta)